The E & M family | Montgomery County Family Photographer

Some may think that being a photographer only involves knowing how to take a good photograph.  That’s absolutely true.  I wouldn’t recommend a taking professional photographs without being able to manipulate ISO, depth of field, exposure, color, composition, shutter speed, etc.

However, there is more to being a professional photographer than just the geeky camera stuff … such as enjoying the people you’re with.  I believe that someone may be able to master the camera, but without being able to relate to your subject, the photograph will be empty.  There won’t be emotion or candid moments.  The photos won’t feel right.

I really enjoyed spending time with the E & M family.  It was fun watching them joke & tease, chatting with the girls about school, and seeing them giggle.   Thanks for sharing some time with me and allowing me into your wonderful family for a few hours.

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